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At Ciolek LTD. Attorneys at Law, our foreclosure defense attorneys understand that it may seem like the whole world is against you when facing foreclosure. In this economy, hard-working people simply can’t get ahead.  We work with people who have fallen behind in mortgage payments and are being harassed by creditors. We know how hopeless the situation may seem, but you may be able to save your home.

Bankruptcy may be one option to save your home, but it’s not necessary in every case. When the real estate market was booming, it wasn’t uncommon for mortgage companies to make mistakes and cut corners with their paperwork. You may not even be aware if you have defenses or counterclaims against your lender’s foreclosure. For example, Truth In Lending Act violations are not uncommon where the lender made a misrepresentation, or can’t produce the required documents needed for the foreclosure. Challenging these types of issues may give you sufficient time to work out new financing,  sell your home, move out or file for bankruptcy.  If the mortgage company has made mistakes in your case, then we’ll turn the tables on them and enforce your rights.

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The bottom line is that we’ll develop a plan to help get you back on your feet.  We’ll determine whether bankruptcy or foreclosure defense is the way to go.  It’s important to act quickly because things move fast once the foreclosure clock starts ticking.  Don’t wait to get help.  An early start can help us build a stronger defense.  Call to set up a free consultation (419) 740-5935 .

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If you have not yet been served with a foreclosure notice and are only behind on your payments, we can provide affordable representation to help negotiate a mortgage workout with your lender.