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Tax Relief:
Offer In Compromise, Installment Agreement, or Bankruptcy

We Can Help Reduce Tax Debts 

If you owe money to the IRS, there are several ways to we can help. Three of the most common ways are an installment plan agreement, an Offer In Compromise, and in some situations bankruptcy may help. Every case is different.  Our lawyers will examine your situation and recommend your best course of action. These options may include:

Installment Agreement — Under an installment agreement individuals and businesses may be able to obtain a monthly payment plan to pay off past due taxes.  However,  if you can’t make the payments then you will still owe the balance plus interest and penalties.

Partial Installment Agreement — The IRS agrees to a monthly payment plan, with the understanding that your remaining tax debts will be dissolved after a period of time. However, if your financial situation improves at some point, you may still be liable for your remaining taxes.

Offer In Compromise — The IRS agrees to reduce your tax debts by a certain amount, which can be significant. Once you pay what you owe, the slate is wiped clean. Available for individuals and companies.  This solution is also available for payroll tax problems.

Bankruptcy – Depending on how on a number of factors, it may be possible to completely discharge the taxes owed through bankruptcy.  Additionally, in a Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 Bankruptcy we can devise an affordable plan to repay the taxes over time.

Don’t Try It On Your Own

Many people make the mistake of trying to negotiate an Offer in Compromise or installment plans on their own. Additionally, some for the commercials that promise to settle tax debts for “pennies on the dollar.” In many of these situations people end up making their situation worse. Our lawyers develop a strategy to obtain maximum tax debt relief for you through an Installment Agreement, Offer in Compromise or Bankruptcy.


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