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Toledo, OH: Bankruptcy Discharge Violations in Ohio

What should I do if creditors are still trying to collect from me after I have received a bankruptcy discharge?

Sometimes, debt collectors try to collect debts illegally. In fact, lately, it’s been happening more and more. If you have previously filed for bankruptcy and received a discharge, but are still being harassed by a creditor, then you may have a case against them.  After you receive a discharge, letters, phone calls, and lawsuits are all illegal. When a creditor continues to harass you after the discharge this is known as a discharge violation and you may have a claim against that company. The bankruptcy discharge is a permanent, federal court order that cancels the debtor’s liability to pay most types of debts.

Creditors and collection agencies that keep trying to collect money after your bankruptcy can be held liable for money damages and can be forced to pay your legal fees. Bill collectors hope that you don’t know your rights and that you’ll eventually pay. Instead, prove them wrong and make them pay.

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You are protected from harassment by creditors after filing for bankruptcy. The U.S. Bankruptcy Code protects against collecting action from all collectors. If you or a loved one is experiencing problems with creditors, call a Toledo bankruptcy attorney to fight for compensation.